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Helping people to thrive in the workplace

Vocational = Work Related

Enable Works helps people in the workplace and people returning to the workplace
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Vocational Rehabilitation Services

All assessments and support needed as a Case Manager for you to assist your client to return to meaningful occupation

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Occupational Health Services

All assessments and support needed to support an employee or an entire workforce physically, mentally and neurodiversely to achieve their maximum potential and productivity for your business

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Social, Emotional & Financial wellbeing support for your workforce

Training Services
Training Services for Businesses

Helping workplaces to adjust and embed all necessary awareness skills

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Enable Works for Businesses

Enable Works Ltd is an Occupational Therapy led provider of Occupational Health Services that ensures that you meet your responsibilities as an employer and support your staff to thrive at work. Enable Works also offer a range of training to help businesses in achieving a healthy and supportive working environment where every employee feels valued. Early intervention is the key to a successful intervention! If you think you may need an Occupational Health Assessment or that your Business may benefit from some training, give us a call for a free 15 min consultation and no obligation quote.
Enable Works for your Client

As a Case Manager, assisting your client to achieve the best possible outcomes is your focus. Our team of highly experienced Occupational Therapists have an excellent track record of supporting people in their rehabilitation journey after life-changing injuries, successfully returning them to meaningful occupation when the time is right.

Enable Works provides specialist vocational assessments and rehabilitation tailored to suit the needs of you and your client.

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