Occupational Health Services in Worcester, Redditch, and Gloucester

Occupational Health Services in Worcester, Redditch, and Gloucester

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A vital resource for both employers and employees

As an employer, the physical and mental wellbeing of your staff should be a top priority, which is why Enable Works Ltd is proud to offer a wide variety of tailored occupational health services, readily available for your company. Organisations have a responsibility to their staff to make sure they are taken care of while at work, and we are here to support you in doing that.

Occupational Health Services: Employer Benefits 

Happy, healthy employees are less likely to take sick days, more likely to enjoy their work, and their productivity will increase as a result. According to the NHS, over 170 million days are lost to sickness each year, so if a company is proactive about supporting its staff’s health, it will be advantageous for the business as a whole.

Occupational Health Services: Staff Benefits  

Workplace health issues can be caused by a number of problems and can occur no matter what sector you work in. Employees being overworked, made to feel as though they have to work extra hours and weekends, feeling concerned about job security, suffering with mental health issues, enduring physical stress and pain, or struggling with problems surrounding addiction, are just some issues that often present themselves in the workplace. Our occupational health services can be a great first step in addressing these problems and working towards a solution.

Experts in physical and mental health – including therapists, counsellors, and physicians – will work with your company to fulfil the needs of your staff, whether that be assisting them with staying at the job, or returning to work.

Tailored OH Services for you:

Basic Service

This service provides an OH Assessment when the situation arises or when HR tells you to!  This can be for Mental or Physical Health needs or it can be to help an employee return to work from long term sickness absence. It can be to support a neurodiverse employee in the workplace or help an employee with a newly diagnosis illness manage their work.  Depending on your requirements this can be an Assessment only cost or we offer a bundle where you will receive 4 follow up sessions at a reduced cost.

Subscription Service

This service allows all sizes of companies from micro businesses to SME’s and larger organisation to access to a comprehensive suite of OH Services.  This is paid for on a monthly basis on an annual contract, priced depending on the size and nature of your workforce.  Included in this service:

  • Workforce Health Check Questionnaire ( OH support if required at reduced price)
  • Agreed number of OH Assessments a year(depending on size of workforce)
  • 4 follow up sessions at a reduced price
  • Further OH Assessments and Support at a reduced price
  • Access to resources portal
  • Monthly OT Telephone Consultation (agreed quantity amount per month, depending on size of workforce)
  • Reduced rate training

Onsite OH Provision

This service is for those companies with a larger workforce and a higher level of need and/or risk. Enable Works can provide an Occupational Therapist onsite for a minimum of 2 days a month on an annual contract. Whilst onsite your OT would be able to:

  • Conduct & complete up to 4 OH Assessments & reports a day
  • Conduct DSE’s or Workstation assessments
  • Conduct Pre Employment Physicals/Screening
  • Support/Develop a company’s Wellbeing Policy to embed it in their actual practices
  • Provide training to company for supporting their MHFA’s

You would also have access to:

  • Online portal for booking appointment, Referral & Consent Forms and access to the final OH reports
  • Wellbeing resources portal
  • OT call back service
  • Reduced cost Training in Mental Health Awareness, Neurodiversity

Prior to commencement, Enable Works would conduct the following to determine your needs and  tailor our offer:

  • Workforce Health Check (Questionnaire)
  • Job Demands Analysis for all physical roles
  • Training to HR and Managers to facilitate the best use of the service
  • Set up of Online Portal

Enable Works Ltd functions largely in Worcester, Redditch and Gloucester, but the services we offer are available nationwide. 

Please do not hesitate in contacting us to enquire about our services.
You can do this by completing our online contact form or by calling us on 01905 676 141 and, as we’ve said, our services aren’t limited to local businesses.

Contact us today to find out more about how we could help your business.