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Neville L

“Enable Works provided OT support for my brother. He had suffered head, chest, arm and foot injuries as a result of crashing his motocross bike in June 2018. The Enable Works guy (Simon) reviewed his case, and provided top grade advice to my family. His attendance during meetings with the hospital team was supportive to both us, and the medics, bringing experience and help to all. If your family is in a situation that requires the help and services of someone who has experience of patients with head trauma and/or brain injury, then you could do an awful lot worse than to hire the services of Enable Works Ltd. They are professional, friendly, knowledgeable, supportive, realistic and doggedly determined to do what’s right for your loved one. For our family, especially my brother, Simon’s input was nothing short of outstanding.”

Janet McClean. West Country Case Management

“Engages clients well with appropriate client centred approach. Thorough and professional assessment and rehabilitation plan provided. Excellent client service and professional liaison provided.”

Sarah Coldwell, The Electrical Industries Charity

“Enable Works Ltd is a fantastic organisation. The charity has worked closely with Simon Tandy who has provided rich expertise, understanding and empathy to referred clients. The cases referred to Simon have been successful, and, in every instance, a comprehensive care solution implemented. We are thankful for the service and grateful for the invaluable work completed by Simon Tandy.”

Rebecca Armstrong, Group HR Manager at BBA Aviation

“In the autumn of 2017, as part of BBA Aviation’s UK-wide well-being programme, we looked at options to provide mental health awareness training for our managers. We were looking for a one-day course, specifically aimed at managers, that would provide attendees with a good overview of the issues around mental health in the workplace, and enable them to identify and then support any staff experiencing mental health difficulties.
Following a successful pilot, we commissioned Enable Works to deliver a series of courses for managers across all of our UK operations. Feedback from the course attendees has been very positive. In particular, they found the personal accounts of experiencing mental illness given by the course tutor, Tim Barnes and the guest speaker Beverley Jones, to be very powerful and engaging. They also found the course to be well-paced, with a lively combination of group-work, discussion and videos.
We believe the course has been successful in raising managers’ awareness of mental health issues in the workplace and giving them new practical skills. We would certainly recommend Enable Works to other companies planning to provide management training in this important area. As one of our attendees put it: ‘A great course – every manager should attend.'”

Emma Way, Emma Way Associates. Occupational Therapist and Expert Witness

“With an enthusiastic and understanding approach, Enable Works has successfully supported many of my clients to return to employment, signifying the completion of a long rehabilitation process and promoting their personal fulfilment. They offered flexibility in the range of services offered and demonstrated a wealth of knowledge, matching skills to occupation and implementing return to work plans.”

Lisa Whittaker, Therapist

“Vicky’s coaching has had a huge impact on my life over the last three months. Through experiencing both a personal trauma and a job loss I have had conflicting emotions to deal with. Vicky has supported me to recognise aspects of my behaviour which are impacting on my ability to move forward prioritise and become more structured.
Through regular coaching I am managing my time more effectively therefore creating more energy. Vicky helped me to promote and sell myself as well as identify exciting new opportunities. I am so much more enthusiastic and able to embrace my life and focus on my new career.”

Paul M, Support worker

“If you are stuck in the same position as I was, living in the past for two years and you are willing and want to get your life back on track give this man a ring he does what it says on the tin and more. Thanks Simon!
My name is Paul I’m 38 and previously worked in the Construction Industry as a Ceramic Wall and Floor tiler. In March 2010 I was involved in an accident whilst on site which resulted in a serious injury to my Left elbow, after four bouts of surgery and no significant improvement I finally realised I had to accept the fact my tiling days were over. Easier said than done though, worrying about what I’m going to do at my age and did not fancy being a one and a half armed shelf stacker at the local supermarket as I had no formal qualifications.
During a brief phone call with my Solicitor he advised me he thought it would be beneficial for me to see Simon. An appointment was arranged and Simon came up to my house, I was impressed by the knowledge he had on my case and the enthusiasm which he showed toward me and more to the point he explained how he could help me get out of the rut I was stuck in.
Another session was arranged this time Simon completed a full range of assessments to try to establish what I was physically capable of and what my thoughts for the future were. At the end of the assessment we went through the answers and it gave me a clear and concise picture of what my capabilities were, it also highlighted various career paths many of which had never even crossed my mind and I was excited at the prospect of looking into further.
I came across a position with a rehabilitation company the role entailed working with a young Soldier injured in a road traffic accident. We agreed to keep in touch and Simon was on hand to give me guidance, filling the application form in and when I got an interview gave me tips on the interview itself, which were invaluable as I was offered the position. The job is great and rewarding I work on a One to One basis organising activities for my client the latest being a tandem parachute jump for a charity he supports, there are loads of training opportunities the money is good and I can still have the banter with the lads like I had on site.”

Rod H, Prison In-reach Worker

“Second week of my new job finished – and loving every minute of it!
I wanted to thank you so much for the invaluable interview coaching you gave me prior to my interview with Turning Point. So often in the past I have failed miserably at interviews, sitting there with a mouthful of teeth completely unable to express myself sufficiently to make a good enough impression to get past the interview stage.
What a difference this time around; with your in-depth role play and interview technique coaching I went into the interview feeling calm, confident and totally prepared, and I sailed through it. For the first time that I can remember I came out of the interview knowing that I had given a good account of myself, and feeling that even if I didn’t get the job, I had not disgraced myself. Despite being told at the end of the interview that I would hear from them by the end of the following week, I received a call forty-eight hours later with a verbal offer – absolutely awesome!
I’m thoroughly enjoying the new position and can’t thank you enough; if I ever go for another position in the future I’ll definitely be back for a refresher!”

Dale K

“I have now got my confidence back and my career as a result of Simon’s work, I couldn’t thank him enough for the work he has done with me.
Simon was appointed by my solicitors after I had a bad accident, which left me unable to do the job I was doing at the time.
The company I worked for had offered me an alternate position but had no idea what to really do with me, Simon was there to advise me professionally working with my employers to help create a suitable position. In the end I decided to resign from this position due to its lack of potential career progression.
After I had handed in my resignation Simon came around to my house and we did various vocational assessments and talked about what I would like to do and with Simon’s experience decided to go back to school and retrain. Simon used my experience in engineering and what things I liked doing and found a university course in Health and Safety.
Simon then helped me to successfully apply for the course and was always at the end of the phone to help and guide me through this process. Simon also assessed the needs of the course along with my disabilities and has set me up with all the specialist equipment and computer software I need to have the best chance of completing the course. I have now completed the course and have successfully gained employment with good career prospects.” 

Mark J

“I suffered a brain injury in 2016 and until January of 2020, I hadn’t had any real vocational counselling help. Trish was a fantastic help and support to me during the 6 months I dealt with her. We met face to face a few times and then continued our sessions on Zoom after lockdown. I wasn’t sure I would be able to cope without face to face sessions but her personality and professionalism shone through even over video calls. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Trish and the services of Enableworks to anyone.”

Tony M

Enableworks guided me through a tricky employer/employee situation. I am comfortable with disciplinary situations and have a decent understanding of the law, however with this situation I didn’t really know how to handle it. I had a delicate issue at my company and felt someone in a senior position was struggling with his mental health. He was a high achieving employee and and I didn’t want to lose him but he was showing signs of paranoia and felt people including me and his colleague were plotting to have him removed. There was no basis for this but I knew if I addressed it, that played into what he thought and he would suspect I was trying to dismiss him. Enableworks guided me though a process to ensure the employee got the help required and also spent time with colleagues that had been impacted to ensure they were looked after. With anything else to to with the welfare of our staff my first phone call will be to Enableworks. Amazing work and fair price.

Wendy D

Simon was brilliant, very kind and informative helped my mum who is 93 to maximise her mobility in her bungalow.

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