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Mental health awareness for managers

Dealing with stress

Objective: This course provides line managers/supervisors with knowledge and tools to confidently deal with mental health issues in the work place. It enables them to identify when an employee is unwell, talk to them about their mental health and support their recovery. “If you can’t talk openly about mental health at work, you can’t manage it”

Details: Studies have shown that at any time, one in six people in the workplace will be experiencing mental health issue and around 15 million working days per year are lost to conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression (Source ONS). Managers have a key role to play in preventing mental health problems arising and are likely to be the first point of contact when problems do arise. However, it is an issue few managers feel comfortable or well-equipped to deal with. This course aims to provide managers with the knowledge, awareness and skills to deal confidently with these issues.

The course covers:
  • Common types of mental health problems
  • Symptoms, i.e. how to tell when an employee is unwell
  • How to talk to employees about their mental health
  • Treatment and recovery
  • Creating an environment that supports good mental health
  • Reasonable adjustments for employees with mental health issues
Duration: 1 day

Mental health awareness

Dealing with isolation

Objective: The aim of this course is to provide all staff an entry level understanding of mental health issues in the work place and promote a more open environment where mental health issue can be more readily discussed and addressed.

Details: A good level of understanding is important in creating an environment where mental health issues can be openly discussed.

Attendees will learn how to:
  • Tell if a colleague is unwell
  • Talk to and support a colleague
  • Talk to their boss about their own mental health
  • Maintain their mental well-being
  • Manage being at work when they are recovering
Duration: 1 day

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