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Enable Works was founded in 2007 by Simon Tandy.

After spending some years in New Zealand cutting his teeth as an Occupational Therapist, Simon returned to the UK with a very different view of what an outstanding Occupational Therapy (OT) led service could do and look like.  He had had first-hand experience of the high standards of OT delivery in NZ and of its holistic approach to an individual’s issues and wanted to replicate this in the UK.  So, Enable Works was born.

Simon used his skills to full effect, from taking on contracts for pre-employment screening for Westminster Council to expert witness work for Somek, from OT Housing assessments to complex case management of amputees. Simon applied his “everything is possible” attitude to everything he did, building a reputation for high quality no-nonsense reports and finding solutions where none seemed possible. Over the last 3 years of his life, Simon developed an Occupational Health Service model, that put OT’s into the workplace regularly to proactively support a company and its workforce.

Sadly, Simon fought and lost his three year battle with cancer in August 2022, but Enable Works continues.  With a new team of OT’s and Simon’s widow Vicky at the helm, Enable Works is still going strong.  Enable Works is now focussing completely on Occupational Health and Vocational Rehabilitation, adding to the OH model to create a service that is accessible to all businesses: self-employed, micro businesses or SME’s and covers all aspects of wellbeing. Watch this space for our new “Women@Work” service too!

At Enable Works, we believe that if you truly look after your workforce wellbeing, there will be huge improvements in company sickness absence rates, productivity and staff retention.

We undertake a variety of bespoke assessments including:

Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Ergonomic assessment of workstations and vehicles
  • Reasonable adjustment assessments
  • Return to work capacity evaluation
  • Pre-employment and return to work screening
  • Implement training and well-being programmes to both managers and employees

We pride ourselves on our bespoke, pro-active approach, the professionalism of our team and the quality of our outcomes.

Vocational Rehabilitation Association
HCPC Registered
Royal College of Occupational Therapists
DLF Foundation