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Our Range of Assessments

Enable Works Ltd offers a range of specialist interventions to support effective absence management and return employees to work quickly and safely as possible.

Occupational Health Assessment

Sometimes known as a Management Referral, this is the assessment that HR tell you need as they have exhausted all their options.
It is for:

  • Employers who wish to support their employee in the workplace after a recent diagnosis (physical, mental or neurodiverse) and are seeking advice
  • Employers who have an employee with a “tricky issue” (repeated short absences, substancevmisuse, mental illness, long term medical condition etc.)

What is it?

An Enable Works OH Assessment includes:

  • An Occupational Therapist meeting with the employer/line manager for up to half an hour to understand their concerns and needs.
  • An Occupational Therapist meeting with the employee (on site, at their home or in a prearranged neutral space) for up to 2 hours. They will cover the background, their role, their current issues and its impact on their ability to perform their role and explore possible solutions.
  • A comprehensive report detailing all the issues discussed with specific recommendations for the employee and employer.
  • The report is released to the employer with the employee’s consent no later than 2 weeks after the date of the assessment
  • If appropriate the report could contain a Wellness Action Plan or a Return to Work Programme

Vocational Assessment

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After a lifechanging injury or illness when an individual is physically fit to return to work, this assessment will explore the options open to them. This could be returning to their pre-incident role and the assessment would become a Return to Work Assessment. Or where they are unable to return to their pre-incident this will take the form of a Transferable Skills Analysis.

Workstation Assessment

Getting people back to work

To assess the employee/you and layout of their/your workstation to ensure that potential MSD and other health risks are mimimised by the correct positioning of equipment to suit their/your needs.

A Functional or Cognitive Capacity Evaluation

Cartoon of man in wheelchair talking to a woman with cl

An FCE is a comprehensive, evidence-based assessment used to assess an individual’s current physical ability to perform work duties or activities. This assessment determines what job tasks an individual can perform in order to establish whether they can do their job safely, return to their workplace, or even find new employment.

A CCE is similar to a FCE, but it focuses on measuring cognitive abilities and an individual’s capacity for dealing with cognitive demands. This evaluation employs measurable, objective testing methods in order to ascertain an accurate representation of a person’s cognitive abilities. This can include measuring someone’s attention span, planning, memory, problem-solving, and executive function.

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