Vocational Case Management Services

Vocational Case Management Services

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As an Occupational Therapy led service Enable Works Ltd offers Insurers, Solicitors and Case Managers, a complete Vocational Rehabilitation and Case Management service. Our team of vocational specialists has an excellent track record of helping people return to work or education after life-changing injuries. Our services range from initial needs assessments to specialist vocational assessments and rehabilitation. This enables our team to complete end to end case management of the rehabilitation and vocational support required for each individual.


An Initial Needs Assessment (INA)

An INA is an investigation into the potential treatment and rehabilitation needs of an individual who has suffered life changing injuries. Once completed, the INA Report is used to inform the legal teams involved of the individual’s treatment and rehabilitation needs, probable recovery periods, domestic requirements and associated costs.


A Functional or Cognitive Capacity Evaluation

Cartoon of man in wheelchair talking to a woman with clAn FCE is a comprehensive, evidence-based assessment used to assess an individual’s current physical ability to perform work duties or activities. This assessment determines what job tasks an individual can perform in order to establish whether they can do their job safely, return to their workplace, or even find new employment.


A CCE is similar to a FCE, but it focuses on measuring cognitive abilities and an individual’s capacity for dealing with cognitive demands. This evaluation employs measurable, objective testing methods in order to ascertain an accurate representation of a person’s cognitive abilities. This can include measuring someone’s attention span, planning, memory, problem-solving, and executive function.


Coordination of Rehabilitation Needs

An Enable Works Case Manager will coordinate an individual’s recovery from when they are discharged from hospital to when they are fit enough to go back into the workplace.

We pride ourselves on our can-do approach, our meticulous attention to details, our timely and efficient communication and liaising with all agencies and parties involved and our determination to support an individual for the entirety of their rehabilitation journey, however we are needed.


A Vocational Assessment

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When an individual is physically fit to return to work, but can not return to their original role, this assessment will explore the options open to them and their Case Manager will support them with any further needs identified.







A Return to Work Assessment

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Where an individual can return to work, this assessment will assess the demands of the role and liaise with the Employer and Employee. This facilitates a dialogue, to identify and address any issues and agree a return to work programme. The Case Manager then monitors and reviews the programme on a regular basis to ensure its success.
The programme may involve:

  • Pre-return to work rehabilitation programmes
  • Work site visits
  • Employer/employee liaison
  • Graded work return programme
  • Reasonable adjustment advice




Reasonable Adjustment Advice to Existing or Potential Employer

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An employer may need to make adjustments to help the injured individual perform their job as well as someone who has not been sick or injured. The Equality Act of 2010 refers to these as “reasonable adjustments.” They can include changes to policies, working practices, or physical layouts, as well as the provision of additional equipment or support. Enable Works can help to suggest reasonable adjustments that will be most beneficial to your client on a specific, individual basis.





Career Coaching and Support

In some cases, an individual’s return to their original position may not be possible. In this case, redeployment or, in the worst-case scenario, termination of employment can be likely options. Coaching assists the employee in viewing redeployment positively or in navigating the process of leaving the company and seeking alternative employment.

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