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As an occupational therapy led service Enable Works Ltd offers insurers, case managers, solicitors, insurance companies and employers, a complete vocational rehabilitation and case management service.

Our team of vocational specialists has an excellent track record of helping people return to work or education after life-changing injuries.

Our services range from initial needs assessments to specialist vocational assessments. This enables our team to complete end to end case management of the rehabilitation and vocational support required for each individual.

Vocational case management

Our specialists undertake the complete, end-to-end, case management of the injured person. 

Early referral is key in supporting vocational goals whilst we still have supportive employers available. We are then able to communicate and liaise with the employers effectively. Rehabilitation can be planned with their working demands in mind to ensure they have the best possible chances of success. 

We fully support our clients in realising their goals whether this is to return to the workplace, find a work placement or restart education as part of their recovery.

We take referrals from personal injury solicitors and clinical case managers as either joint or single instructions. 

Return to work assessment

Keeping people in work

There can be many issues, both physical and mental, that prevent an employee from returning to work after serious illness or injury. Our therapists work with the employer and employee, facilitating a dialogue, to identify and address these issues and agree a return to work programme. The therapist then monitors and reviews the programme on a regular basis to ensure its success.

The programme may involve:

  • Pre-return to work rehabilitation programmes
  • Work site visits
  • Employer/employee liaison
  • Grade work return programme
  • Reasonable adjustment advice
How does it help?
Return to work programmes reduce the length of absences and the likelihood of the return to work failing, i.e. repeat absence. They also ensure that should further action be necessary, the employer can demonstrate they have fulfilled all their obligations and their duty of care.

Functional/cognitive capacity evaluation

Disability assessment

Where an employee has developed a disability through illness or an accident, this systematic validated assessment is performed by a clinical vocational expert. The assessment reviews and measures the impact of the employee’s condition on their overall physical and mental capacity. The assessment can be tailored to assess their work type to ascertain their capacity to work in a certain role. The assessment will also detail what they are able and not able to do.

How does it help?

Having an independent and objective assessment of the impact of the employee’s disability facilitates a more open and transparent dialogue with employee on what he/she is able to do. This enables better planning and development of a return to work programme. Coupled with a Work Place Assessment it provides a complete picture of the employee’s capacity to undertake a job and any reasonable adjustments that might be made. The assessment can also identify when a person is clearly unable to return to their pre-injury duties.

Reasonable adjustment advice

A cartoon of a man and woman meeting an employer wearing a hardhat and hi-vis jacket

The Equality Act 2010 requires employers to make “reasonable adjustments” to accommodate disabled workers, e.g. if a worker develops a disability or a disabled candidate applies for a job. Based on an assessment of the disability and the nature of the job, this service provides practical advice on the adjustment that can be made and what would be considered reasonable for the employer.

How does it help?

This service helps employers meet their legal obligation and take reasonable steps to accommodate a disabled worker.

Rehabilitation programmes


Rehabilitation aims to improve your ability to carry out the everyday activities that have been affected by illness or injury. Occupational therapy helps you get the most out of what is important in your life.

Rehabilitation focuses on work and leisure as well as the everyday daily activities. At Enable Works Ltd we carry out a bespoke assessment and design the rehabilitation program around your work and life goals.

Ongoing support and one-on-one sessions will help ensure success and help you regain your sense of self and achieve your goals. Whether it is a long-term disability or you are recovering from an injury, having access to a timely rehabilitation program is the key to rebuilding your life.

Career coaching and counselling

A cartoon of a man and woman at a table during a counselling session

In some circumstances an injury or illness will prevent an employee returning to their original position. In this case the options are likely to be redeployment or, in the worst cases, termination of employment. Coaching helps the employee look positively at redeployment or supports them through the process of leaving the company and seeking alternative employment.

Counselling may also be required to assist the client to adjust and make sense of their new circumstances to help maximise their future success.

Vocational rehabilitation services

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