Vocational Rehabilitation and where we fit in

The case for an independent provider Like Enable Works Ltd.

When a health condition or disability arises out of the workplace, the employee may lack trust and confidence in their employer and in any employer-based services designed to help them.  For these reasons they will have more confidence in and are therefore more likely to engage with an independent provider. 

The independent provider is more likely be perceived as unbiased and can then be an effective mediator for between the employee and the employer.  This will encourage effective and focused dialogue and in turn a successful return to work plan.

The independent provider can provide completely unbiased assessments including ‘functional capacity assessments’ which have built in reliability testing (validated tests, consistency tests and distraction tests) so they cannot be biased in favor of the employee or the employer.  

The independent provider can provide creative and realistic reasonable adjustment advice, based on specialist experience and expertise. They can also provide rehabilitation interventions, preparing individuals for their return to work and can, in consultation with employers, design and monitor return to work schedules.

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