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Keeping people in work

Getting people back to work
Enable Works Ltd offers a bespoke range of specialist interventions designed to keep people at work and prevent sickness absence.

Condition management support 

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Our therapists help support your employees who have long-term health conditions such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, sight and hearing disabilities. The therapist assesses and monitors their capacity for work and provides ongoing support and advice to help them remain productive at work.

This service helps employers to support employees who have a long-term health condition in a fair and compassionate way. Involving a therapist helps the employer understand the condition, provides the employee with practical support to remain at work and promotes effective communication between the employer and employee.

Assessment of cognitive and learning disabilities such as dyslexia and autism can also be provided.

Ergonomic Assessments

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An expert assessment of a work-station or working environments such as vehicles, the tasks undertaken and the people undertaking them, with the aim of minimising muscular-skeletal issues and improving the mental well-being of the employee.

Our vocational specialists provide practical advice on the ergonomic risks and how they can be managed. Display Screen Assessments are the most common form of ergonomic assessments, these assessments help maintain your employees in the workplace and minimises the risk of musculoskeletal issues developing or managing existing conditions.

Mental health recovery programme

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A bespoke assessment of need and comprehensive recommendations for the individual and employer where relevant, to support a successful recovery from a mental health issue, plus a successful return to work and a well-being maintenance plan.

What are the benefits?

Employer –
  • Confidence and assurance you have fulfilled the statutory legal requirements to your employee
  • Investment in mental health and well-being ensures sustained productivity from the employee
  • The ability to support an employee with their own bespoke well-being maintenance plan
Employee –
  • Assurance that your employer is meeting their statutory legal requirements in looking after your health and well-being
  • A bespoke set of recommendations (reasonable adjustments) to implement for both you and the employer where relevant
  • A well-being maintenance plan co-designed by you and the vocational specialist

Counselling services

Assessing disabilites

Our counselling provides individuals with time and space to explore difficult aspects of their lives and their feelings. Through building trusting and confidential relationships, we help people to make effective decisions which lead to positive changes in their lives. We are able to provide face to face counselling, telephone counselling and counselling via a secure portal communication system.

Our counsellors are qualified and work consistently within the UK EAPA Code of Ethics.

Well-being in the workplace.
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