Getting People Back To Work

Medical assessments for employees from our specialists in the UK

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Getting back to work

Getting people back to work
Enable Works Ltd offers a range of specialist interventions to support effective absence management and return employees to work quickly and safely as possible.

Functional capacity assessment

Disability assessment

Where an employee has developed a disability through illness or an accident, this systematic validated assessment is performed by a clinical vocational expert. The assessment reviews and measures the impact of the employee’s condition on their overall physical and mental capacity. The assessment can be tailored to assess their work type to ascertain their capacity to work in a certain role. The assessment will also detail what they are able and not able to do.

Having an independent and objective assessment of the impact of the employee’s disability facilitates a more open and transparent dialogue with employee on what he/she is able to do. This enables better planning and development of a return to work programme. Coupled with a work place assessment it provides a complete picture of the employee’s capacity to undertake a job and any reasonable adjustments that might be made.

Return to work assessment

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There can be many issues, both physical and mental, that prevent an employee from returning to work after serious illness or injury. Our therapists work with the employer and employee, facilitating a dialogue, to identify and address these issues and agree a return to work programme. The therapist then monitors and reviews the programme on a regular basis to ensure its success.

The programme may involve:

  • Pre-return to work rehabilitation programmes
  • Work site visits
  • Employer/employee liaison
  • Grade work return programme
  • Reasonable adjustment advice
How does it help?
Return to work programmes reduce the length of absences and the likelihood of the return to work failing, i.e. repeat absence. They also ensure that should further action be necessary, the employer can demonstrate they have fulfilled all their obligations and their duty of care.

Pre-employment and returning employer screening

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Creating a bespoke assessment combining the functional demands of the job with effective validated assessments creates the perfect consistent screening tool. This will enable the employer to ascertain a person’s fitness to either start in a role or return to the role following illness or injury.

Mental health recovery programme

Trying to cope alone

A bespoke assessment of need and comprehensive recommendations for the individual and employer where relevant, to support a successful recovery from a mental health issue, plus a successful return to work and a well-being maintenance plan.

What are the benefits?

Employer –
  • Confidence and assurance you have fulfilled the statutory legal requirements to your employee
  • Investment in mental health and well-being ensures sustained productivity from the employee
  • The ability to support an employee with their own bespoke well-being maintenance plan
Employee –
  • Assurance that your employer is meeting their statutory legal requirements in looking after your health and well-being
  • A bespoke set of recommendations (reasonable adjustments) to implement for both you and the employer where relevant
  • A well-being maintenance plan co-designed by you and the vocational specialist

Counselling Services

Assessing disabilites

Our counselling provides individuals with time and space to explore difficult aspects of their lives and their feelings. Through building trusting and confidential relationships, we help people to make effective decisions which lead to positive changes in their lives. We are able to provide face to face counselling, telephone counselling and counselling via a secure portal communication system.

Our counsellors are qualified and work consistently within the UK EAPA Code of Ethics.

Occupational health physician assessments

Occupational injuries

We have developed links with independent Occupational Health Physicians and when necessary can work with our partner organisations for specific reports where issues such as prognosis, specialist medical assessment and advice is required.

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