Indispensable tick list to help your employee return to work well

Research shows that the biggest barrier to employees returning to work after they have been on long term sick leave is overcoming their own anxieties around their return to the workplace. The second biggest barrier is a lack of understanding and support from managers and organisations. During the employee’s absence, the manager should: Regularly communicate […]

Six ways to screw-up your staff’s mental health

A growing number of organisations are taking the mental health of their staff seriously and implementing programmes to improve mental wellbeing in the workplace.   However, if you are feeling this has all gone too far, here is our antidote – a six-point guide to messing-up your staff’s mental health and boosting your sickness absence figures:  […]

Vocational Rehabilitation and where we fit in

The case for an independent provider Like Enable Works Ltd. When a health condition or disability arises out of the workplace, the employee may lack trust and confidence in their employer and in any employer-based services designed to help them.  For these reasons they will have more confidence in and are therefore more likely to […]

Mental Health at Work

Six steps for managers to support good mental health in the work place. 1: Learn about mental health in the work place:  Find out about work place stress, what causes it and how you can manage it for yourself and for people who work for you.  Health and Safety Executive have some useful information: […]