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6 Facts You Might Not Know About Disability and Work

The Papworth Trust have been producing a report, annually, for the past 5 years which contains statistics around disability and work.  There are some interesting stats around disability and work.

  1. Over 50% of working age people who are out of work (either unemployed or economically inactive) are disabled people. 
  2. Disabled people are more likely to be unemployed than non-disabled people. In March 2013, the unemployment rate for disabled people stood at 12%, compared to 7.6% of non-disabled people. 
  3. 57% of adults with impairments experience barriers to employment (in the type or amount of paid work they do), compared with 26% of adults without impairments. 
  4. The 2 most commonly stated enablers for employment among adults with impairments are flexible hours/days and tax credits. 
  5. The 2 most common barriers to work among adults with impairments are a lack of job opportunities (43%) and difficulty with transport (29%). 
  6. 1 in 6 people who become disabled while in work lose their job during the first year after becoming disabled. 
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